Permitted uses in an I-2 Heavy Industrial District are:
   (a)   All uses permitted in an I-1 Industrial District.
   (b)   Plaster manufacture and emery cloth and sandpaper manufacture.
   (c)   Boiler shops, machine shops and structured steel fabrication.
   (d)   Brick, pottery, tile and terra cotta manufacturing.
   (e)   Cooperage works.
   (f)   A forge or foundry.
   (g)   Meat packing, but not the slaughtering of animals or stockyards.
   (h)   Stone quarry or rock crushing.
   (i)   Sandblasting and cutting.
   (j)   Sewage disposal plants.
   (k)   Shoe and stove polish manufacture.
   (l)   Steam plants.
   (m)   Stone and monument works employing power-driven tools.
   (n)   Wireless communications facilities, subject to Chapter 1294.
   (o)   Other uses of a similar character, subject to such conditions as the City Council may impose. 
   (p)   Adult uses, in accordance with Chapter 1292.
   (Ord. 56-1997.  Passed 7-14-97; Ord. 111-2010.  Passed 12-16-10.)