Intoxicating Liquor
   117.010   Adoption of state law by reference
   117.011   City may be more restrictive than state law
   117.015   Definitions
   117.018   Number of licenses which may be issued
   117.020   License required
   117.030   Eligibility for license
   117.040   Application for license
   117.050   Insurance required
   117.060   License fee and expiration
   117.070   Investigation and hearing on application for license
   117.080   Granting of license
   117.085   Change in required information
   117.090   Transfer of license
   117.100   Persons ineligible for license
   117.110   Places ineligible for license
   117.120   Conditions of license; general license restrictions
   117.122   Conditions of license; adult entertainment prohibition
   117.124   Conditions of license; restrictions regarding gambling
   117.126   Food sales
   117.130   Restrictions on purchase and consumption
   117.140   Permits for consumption on public land
   117.145   Keeping or visiting house for unlicensed sale or purchase of intoxicating liquor
   117.150   Revocation, suspension or civil penalty
   117.155   Conditions of license; hours of sale
   117.160   Sunday sales licenses
   117.170   Sales provisions applicable to caterers
3.2% Malt Liquor
   117.300   Provisions of state law adopted
   117.310   Additional provisions adopted
   117.320   License fees and expiration
   117.330   Selling
Selling Setups
   117.400   Permit required
   117.410   Amount of fee
   117.420   Posting a permit and receipt
   117.430   Inspection of premises
   117.440   Premises licensed for sale of liquor
   117.450   Additional provisions adopted
   117.600   Civil penalties; all liquor licenses