No owner of a dwelling unit shall permit the dwelling unit, or a portion of the dwelling unit, to be rented to, or occupied by, transient renters, except as set forth in this section.
   (a)   Renter Occupied Dwelling Units. No owner of a dwelling unit registered as a rental unit under Section 1485.03 shall permit the rental unit to be rented to, or occupied by transient renters.
   (b)   Owner Occupied Dwelling Units. The owner of a dwelling unit who occupies that dwelling unit may have transient rentals, provide as follows:
      (1)   The total number of calendar days, or parts of calendar days, that a transient renter occupies a dwelling unit does not exceed fourteen days total in any calendar year;
      (2)   The owner of the dwelling unit used/occupied the dwelling unit as his/her primary residence for at least 351 days of the calendar year;
      (3)   The owner of a dwelling unit or rental unit shall not permit single room rentals to transient renters. "Single room rentals" as used herein is an arrangement where multiple renters, under separate rental agreements, have exclusive possession of an individual sleeping facility and shared access with other renters to all other facilities within a dwelling unit. This prohibition shall not apply in the event that the owner of the dwelling unit is concurrently occupying the dwelling unit with the transient renters.
      (4)   The owner shall obtain a transient rental registration certificate with the City of North Royalton, in accordance with this chapter. It shall be prima facie evidence of a short-term rental operation if a short-term rental guest is found to be occupying or using a short-term rental.
      (5)   The owner shall submit, if applicable, written authorization of consent from the home owners association, condo association or other person of interest to short term rentals.
      (6)   The dwelling unit shall have adequate onsite parking for all transient renters and occupants in compliance with North Royalton Section 1282.05 (one additional onsite parking space for each rented room).
      (7)   Transient rental property owners shall be required to display the permit on any medium used to advertise the short term rental. Failure to display shall result in the automatic revocation of the transient rental permit. 
      (8)   A short-term rental property owner shall retain and, upon request, make available to the Building Commissioner or law enforcement officials records to demonstrate compliance with this section, including, but not limited to, primary residency, the name of the short-term rental guest responsible for the reservation and/or who rented the unit on each night, dates and duration of stay in a short-term rental.
(Ord. 19-13.  Passed 3-19-19.)