(a)   As used in this Chapter, the term "residential rental dwelling" means any residential rental unit, including but not limited to a single-family dwelling, a portion of the dwelling, or a multiple dwelling unit.
   (b)   As used in this Chapter, the term "multiple dwelling unit" means a building containing the following:
      (1)   Three (3) residential dwelling units; or
      (2)   Two (2) residential dwelling units; or
      (3)   One (1) or more dwelling units if the building also contains a use other than a dwelling use or an area designed for such other use.
   (c)   The words "multiple dwelling" and "apartment house" are synonymous.
   (d)   As used in this Chapter, "residential rental unit" means any dwelling unit in a single or multiple residential dwelling, whether the dwelling unit is rented, occupied or vacant which either:
      (1)   Consideration in the form of money or other valuable consideration is being paid for occupying such units; or
      (2)   A person other than the fee simple owner of the property or the owner's family is occupying such unit, whether or not such person is paying consideration, and the owner is not living in the rental unit.
   (e)   "Dwelling unit" means a group of rooms arranged, maintained or designed to be occupied by one or more nontransients that consists of a bathroom with a toilet and tub or shower facilities; kitchen facilities; and sleeping facilities which are used exclusively by the occupants. A dwelling unit may be located in a single family residence, two or three family residence, condominium or multi-family building.
   (f)   "Nontransient" means a person who resident in the same building or quarters for a period of thirty days or more.
   (g)   "Transient" means a person who resides in the same building or quarters for a period of less than thirty days.
   (h)   "Short-term rental" or "transient rental" means any dwelling that is rented wholly or partly for a fee for less than thirty consecutive days by persons other than the permanent occupant or owner from which the permanent occupant or owner receive monetary compensation.
(Ord. 16-94.  Passed 6-7-16; Ord. 19-13.  Passed 3-19-19.)