The Division of Buildings shall consist of the following positions in accordance with the Codified Ordinances of the City and the Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4101:1-1, Section 103.2:
   (a)   Building Official (Building Commissioner)
   (b)   Secretary
   (c)   Housing and Zoning Inspector
   (d)   Master Plans Examiner
   (e)   Certified Building Inspector, Electrical Inspector, Plumbing Inspector and Backup Inspectors.
   Each of these positions in (a), (d) and (e) shall be filled in accordance with the provisions of the Ohio Administrative Code 4101:1-1, Section 103.3 through Section concerning qualification and education requirements incidental to the efficient operation of the Division. Such personnel shall be compensated in accordance with existing complement and compensation ordinances.
(Ord. 1973-50. Passed 3-7-73; Ord. 92-27. Passed 1-21-92; Ord. 05-180. Passed 12-5-05; Ord. 11-154. Passed 12-20-11.)