(a)   A sign conforming as to the regulations prevailing on the effective date of this chapter, but which does not conform with the regulations of this or a subsequent amendment, shall be construed as a legal nonconforming sign. The Building Commissioner shall keep a list of such non-conforming signs and shall notify the owners of the status of non-conformity. A nonconforming sign may be continued to be used in the following circumstances:
      (1)   Repairs. Normal or ordinary repairs and improvements may be made but shall not require a permit from the Building Commissioner. For the purpose of this Zoning Code, normal repairs shall include ordinary maintenance of the sign or structure including painting and replacement of basic equipment such as substitution of lights or minor wiring. The term shall not include the replacement of structural parts in any nonconforming sign except when required by law to make the sign conforming.
      (2)   Change of use. Where the business use associated with the nonconforming sign at the date of this chapter thereafter changes, such change of use shall require the property owner to bring the sign into compliance with this chapter.
(Ord. 07-103.  Passed 4-1-08.)