The following design standards shall apply to all development in the district:
   (a)   Developments shall be designed to utilize the natural contours of the land, economize in the construction of utilities, reduce the amount of grading, and to maximize the conservation of trees and topsoil. Utility service including gas, water, sewers, electric, cable and telephone, shall be installed underground in compliance with appropriate City ordinances.
   (b)   Retention basins, if required, shall be designed to be an integral part of the development and as an amenity to the residents. Depths of basins shall be shallow and side slopes of such basins shall be less than 3 to 1. The borders of retention basins shall have natural or curvilinear shapes and shall be planted with grass and trees to blend in with the landscape features of the development.
   (c)   In the planning of single-family cluster and townhouse developments, land should be provided for private  outdoor use of the occupants at such locations as entrances or garden sides of the dwellings.
   (d)   The common land shall be readily accessible and of such shape and size to be usable for recreation, open space and landscaping. The integrity of the common open space shall be guaranteed from further division and/or use through deed restrictions or covenants. Common lands and required buffering shall be further maintained by the owner or through a homeowners association and/or condominium association.
   (e)   Any streets serving more than 100 dwellings, dwellings of different types or nonresidential uses shall be dedicated public streets unless otherwise approved by the Planning Commission and Council. Private street pavements shall be constructed to City standards for public streets unless a different standard is approved by Council. All private streets shall be within an easement granted to the City for access. All private streets shall be owned and maintained by the landowner or condominium association.
   (f)   Parking lots shall be screened from adjacent residential uses and public streets with dense evergreen hedges or trees and/or earthen mounds or other effective screening as approved by the Planning Commission.
   (g)   All roofed surfaces shall be provided gutters and downspouts connected to an approved storm system.
   (h)   All driveways and parking areas shall be designed and constructed with positive drainage with catch basins.
   (i)   All driveways and parking areas serving more than four dwelling units shall have concrete rolled or barrier curbs defining the limits of the paved areas. Sidewalks shall be provided to all dwelling units connecting the dwelling to the required parking spaces and to the public streets.
   (j)   Trash storage containers shall be enclosed with a six-foot high masonry wall on three sides with a closable door. Trash enclosures shall be screened with landscaping, located not less than six feet from any frame building and provided a concrete pad and apron adequate to support collection vehicles.
(Ord. 04-169.  Passed 10-13-04.)