A proposed development in the TCD shall comply with the following minimum development areas:
   (a)   In the TCD-3 Subdistrict the minimum area shall be not less than one-half acre.
   (b)   In the TCD-4 Subdistrict the minimum area shall be not less than 50 acres of contiguous land. In satisfying this requirement, the development area may be bisected by a public dedicated or private street as long as all parcels within the development area are controlled or owned by a person or a group of owners acting jointly in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   In the TCD-5 Subdistrict the minimum area shall not be less than 12 acres, except for properties fronting Royalton Road. For any parcels that are not consolidated to meet the 12-acre requirement, such land may, nevertheless, be developed under zoning regulations for districts that were applicable prior to the adoption of this District.
(Ord. 04-169.  Passed 10-13-04.)