In order to supplement the regulations and criteria of this Zoning Code, the Planning Commission may prepare area plans for the construction, completion or rehabilitation of any business area or for coordinating the proposed development with surrounding areas. Such designs may include, but are not limited to, the Planning Commission's recommendations on the use, location, bulk and general design of buildings; the relationship of buildings to each other and to yards and other open spaces; the location and width of streets and pavements; the location, width and control of accessways to major streets and to parking and loading areas; pedestrian ways, paved areas, landscaped planting, exterior lighting, signs, street furniture and other exterior and landscape features.
   Such area plans shall be developed in accordance with the criteria set forth in this chapter and any other applicable provisions of this Zoning Code. After such plans are duly adopted by the Planning Commission and Council, they shall be construed as being a part of this Zoning Code, and any new construction, additions to or rebuilding of such a business area, or parts thereof, shall be in substantial compliance therewith.
(Ord. 1988-173. Passed 10-17-88.)