An application for a development plan approval within a proposed public facility shall not be approved unless, after a determination, the Commission shall find that the use applied for complies with the following standards and criteria:
   (a)   The proposed use shall be located so as to have access only on an arterial or collector street, except that it may be located on a local street if it is found that the extent and intensity of the proposed development shall not substantially increase the volume and type of traffic movements on the local street.
   (b)   The proposed use is necessary to serve the neighborhood or the community at large.
   (c)   The dimensions of the site are sufficient to fully provide the area, yard and open space requirements, and to insulate it from the surrounding dwellings.
   (d)   The location, design and operation of such use shall not discourage the appropriate development or impair the value of the surrounding residential areas.
   In addition to complying with the above general criteria, conditions appropriate to each particular application may also be set forth in the permit as determined by the Planning Commission.
(Ord. 1988-172. Passed 10-17-88.)