(a)   Front Yards.  The front yard setback shall be not less than seventy-five feet when adjacent to any Residential District or not less than the required front yard setback for any adjacent nonresidential district.
   (b)   Side and Rear Yards
      (1)   Main buildings and uses.  The yards for each public facility building shall be not less than the criteria set forth in the following schedule when adjacent to any Residential District:
                           Minimum Yard (ft.)*
                           Side*      Rear*
      Governmental:  Administrative buildings      50      75
      Civic:  Non-assembly buildings         50      75
         Assembly buildings            50      75
      Educational:      Public, private and parochial
            schools            75      100
            Nursery schools, adult day care centers
            and child day care centers      50      100
      Recreational:  Buildings            75      100
      Religious:  Churches and synagogues         50      75
      *Or two times the height of the building, whichever is greater.
      (2)   Accessory uses.  Driveways and parking areas serving the public facility may be located within the side or rear yard set forth in the above schedule, but driveways shall be located not less than ten feet, and parking areas and accessory buildings not less than twenty feet, from any adjacent lot line; and play areas shall not be located less than fifty feet from any adjacent boundary line of a Residential District.
      (3)   Yards adjacent to nonresidential districts.  Side and rear yards for main and accessory buildings and uses adjacent to nonresidential districts shall be not less than the side and rear yard setbacks for that particular nonresidential district.
(Ord. 1988-172.  Passed 10-17-88; Ord. 01-173. Passed 11-6-02; Ord. 15-72.  Passed 9-15-15.)