In a Senior Citizen District, as indicated on the Zoning Map which accompanies this Zoning Code and is made a part hereof, land and buildings shall be used, and buildings shall be designed, erected, altered or maintained, in whole or in part, only for the following purposes:
   (a)   Any use or accessory use permitted and regulated in the R1-A or R1-B District; and
   (b)   Residential units for independent seniors, age restricted to adults 55 years old or older, without assisted living services or any of the services mandated for Senior Citizen Centers as set forth in subsection (c) hereinbelow; and
   (c)   A senior citizen center, which means a development or institution providing dwelling facilities for three or more persons, principally of retirement age, who may or may not be dependent upon the services of others and who are not related to the owner or operator.  Such senior citizen center must include rest, nursing or other health facilities, as set forth in Ohio R.C. Chapter 3721, and may include dining, recreational and other related facilities and services.
      (1)   Main uses, which shall be restricted primarily for occupants and/or employees, are as follows:
         A.   Dwelling facilities, such as apartments, row houses and other attached multifamily or detached dwellings;
         B.   Elderly Care health facilities primarily for the use of the occupants;
         C.   Dining facilities primarily for occupants and/or employees;
         D.   Recreational facilities primarily for occupants; and
         E.   Administrative offices.
      (2)   Accessory uses are as follows:
         A.   Service and maintenance buildings;
         B.   Off-street parking and garages as regulated in this chapter; and
         C.   Related facilities and services.
(Ord. 89-214.  Passed 3-6-90; Ord. 99-168. Passed 1-18-00; Ord. 14-147.  Passed 2-17-15.)