1272.01 INTENT.
   A Senior Citizen District and regulations therefor are established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide appropriate developments of dwelling facilities for persons of retirement age in locations convenient to North Royalton's social and welfare facilities, shops, public transportation and other needs of the senior citizen;
   (b)   To provide in such developments health, dining and recreational facilities for the comfort and convenience of the occupants;
   (c)   To regulate the bulk, height and spacing of buildings within the development in order to obtain proper light, air, privacy and open space for passive recreation and landscaped amenities;
   (d)   To protect adjacent residential properties by requiring adequate yards and screening; and
   (e)   To regulate the density of population within such District.
(Ord. 89-214. Passed 3-6-90; Ord. 99-168. Passed 1-18-00.)