(a)   The Board of Zoning Appeals shall schedule regular monthly meetings to conduct business as required.
   (b)   The Board shall act within sixty days after such an appeal is presented at the regular meeting of the Board at which all required information is provided.  Failure to act within such period shall be considered approval of the appeal unless an extension of time is mutually agreed upon.  Before making any decision on an appeal, the Board may hold a public hearing or hearings, at such times as shall be determined by the Board itself.  Notices of the time and place of hearing shall be mailed to the appellant and to the affected property owners (owners of property contiguous to the property in question, and across the street therefrom, or within 500 feet, whichever is most inclusive) as they appear in the current records of the County Auditor, or be published, once a week for two successive weeks prior thereto, in two newspapers of general circulation in the City of North Royalton.  In addition, such notices shall be posted on  the posting boards established by City Council.
   (c)   The Board shall hear and decide appeals de novo and shall review and/or appeal any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Building Commissioner in the enforcement or application of this Zoning Code.  Within its powers, the Board may reverse or affirm, wholly or in part, or modify, any such order, requirement, decision or determination as, in its opinion, ought to be made under the circumstances, and to that end it shall have all the powers of the officer from whose decision the appeal is taken.
   (d)   All hearings conducted by the Board shall be open to the public.  Any person may appear and testify at a hearing, either in person or by duly authorized agent or attorney.  The Board shall have the  power to  subpoena and  require  the  attendance  of  witnesses,  to  administer  oaths,  to  compel testimony, and to produce reports, findings and other evidence pertinent to any issue referred to it for decision.
(Ord. 1970-232.  Passed 9-15-71. Ord. 97-183.  Passed 1-6-98.)