A Board of Zoning Appeals is hereby established to assist in the administration of this Zoning Code, particularly to hear and decide applications for exceptions to and variances from the strict letter of this Zoning Code. The Board is established to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
   (a)   To provide a method for alleviating practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship by allowing a reasonable use for individual parcels of property which, because of unusual or unique circumstances, may be denied a reasonable use by literal application of the terms of this Zoning Code;
   (b)   To review and/or appeal any order, requirement, decision or determination made by the Building Commissioner, administrative official or agency in regard to the zoning ordinances, giving due deference to a public official's exercise of discretionary powers and duties;
   (c)   To provide an administrative board, independent from all other City boards and commissions, to act only pursuant to and in accordance with the standards established by the Council to hear and decide appeals which are to be tried over again from the beginning (de novo);
   (d)   To hear requests for variances from the application of the Residential Code of Ohio; and
   (e)   To ensure that decisions and the granting of variances will sustain the constitutionality of this Zoning Code and to be in compliance with the objectives of the Master Plan.
(Ord. 1970-232. Passed 9-15-71; Ord. 13-118. Passed 9-17-13; Ord. 13-152. Passed 2-4-14.)