(a)   Separate plans and specifications, including all necessary details, profiles and cross-sections for each improvement specified in Section 1248.01, must be submitted to the City Engineer and approval must be obtained thereon after conditional approval of the preliminary plat and prior to the installation or construction of each such improvement and prior to any action of the Planning Commission or Council to approve the final plat for record.
   (b)   No subdivision shall be constructed in phases until the grading and improvement plans for the entire subdivision have been approved by the City Engineer.
   (c)   All plans and specifications must have been prepared by a registered professional engineer on mylar or an equivalent, upon sheets measuring twenty-four inches in width and thirty-six inches in length to scale, with the signature and seal of the registered engineer affixed thereto.  If the plans and specifications submitted to the City Engineer show compliance with the minimum standards and with the other requirements of these Regulations, and with the conditionally approved preliminary plat for the subdivision, the City Engineer shall approve such plans and specifications.
   (d)   The minimum requirements for submission for approval by the City Engineer shall contain the following details in addition to standard improvement plans:
      (1)   Existing contours of the subdivision and surrounding area;
      (2)   Proposed contours of the entire subdivision.  (This shall include contours of the entire subdivision after houses are built, not just the mass grading to install the improvements.)
      (3)   Any spot elevations that are important;
      (4)   Required swales and yard basins.  (There shall be required one catch basin for approximately every one acre of rear yard drainage, and at all places deemed necessary by the City Engineer.)
      (5)   All surface drainage in a development.  The installation of swales and/or sewers to receive surface drainage shall be so indicated along with any required easements, such system(s) to include, if necessary, any surrounding areas outside the proposed development.
      (6)   Proposed garage floor elevations or finished grade elevations;
      (7)   Arrows to indicate direction of flow of surface drainage;
      (8)   A separate drawing submitted to show areas that are wooded areas and that are intended to remain as such;
      (9)   A scale of one inch equals fifty feet;
          (10)   Maximum grades of ten percent on driveways.  Special consideration to warrant a steeper grade shall require the approval of the City Engineer.
   (e)   Plans for Storm Water Control and Soil Erosion Control as required in Section 1481 and a permit from the Ohio EPA.
   (f)   Supplemental data required by the City Engineer to review the grading and improvement plans shall be submitted, such as drainage area maps, storm and sanitary and drainage design calculations, calculations showing ability of receiving points for storm drainage to handle upstream development, and any other studies that may be required relative to the feasibility of the design.
(Ord. 1979-121.  Passed 7-18-79; Ord. 98-114. Passed 9-1-98.)