(a)   For the purpose of establishing standards and criteria for the construction of pavement in nonresidential districts, pavement may be either concrete or asphalt meeting the State of Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Material Specifications. Concrete pavement shall be nine inches thick and shall be constructed in accordance with either O.D.O.T. Item 451 Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Specification or O.D.O.T. Item 452 Non-Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Specification, as determined by the City Engineer. Asphalt pavement shall be equivalent strength of concrete pavement. Asphalt pavement shall be a minimum two and one-half inches O.D.O.T. Item 448 Asphalt Concrete surface course on a minimum two and one-half inches O.D.O.T. Item 448 Asphalt Concrete intermediate course on a minimum seven inches O.D.O.T. Item 301 Asphalt Concrete Base base course. All pavement shall be constructed upon a minimum six inches compacted base of O.D.O.T. Item 304 Aggregate Base. All pavement subbase shall conform to O.D.O.T. Item 204 Subgrade Compaction and Proof Rolling and/or O.D.O.T. Supplemental Specification Item 804 Cement Stabilized Subgrade, as determined by the City Engineer. All pavement requires Portland cement concrete curb O.D.O.T. Item 609 Curbing, Concrete Medians, and Traffic Islands.
   (b)   Conflict of standards. In the event of a conflict between any of the provisions stated in subsection (a) hereof and any other city ordinance, the provision which establishes the higher or stricter standard shall prevail.
(Ord. 04-126. Passed 5-18-04.)