1246.07  UTILITIES.
   (a)   In all new residential subdivisions requiring the opening, widening, improvement or extension of any street, or the installation of any public improvement, electric, telephone and all other utility facilities shall be installed underground by the subdivider unless, upon the recommendation of the City Engineer, the Planning Commission determines that special conditions warrant overhead distribution systems.
   (b)   In all new subdivisions as described above:
      (1)   A copy of the preliminary plat of the subdivision shall be submitted  by the developer to all utility companies serving the subdivision.
      (2)   Each developer shall sign separate agreements with each utility company defining in detail the responsibilities of the developer and each utility.
      (3)   Utility easements ten feet in width for communication and electric power and street lighting distribution lines and facilities shall be provided on all front lot lines and along certain side or rear lot lines as required by the utility companies.  (Said easements shall be recorded on the subdivision plat as private easements for public utilities.)
      (4)   Prior to receiving final approval of a subdivision plat, the developer shall have installed, or shall have furnished an adequate bond approved by the City Engineer and the utility company for the installation of, in accordance with the applicable regulations and requirements, the following:
         A.   Underground communication cables;
         B.   Underground distribution cables for power and street lighting from a common distribution system, and the equipment and housing necessary in the operation of the distribution system;
      (5)   Installation of all underground service shall be in accordance with all applicable requirements and procedures of the particular utility and shall be approved by the City Engineer.
      (6)   The developer shall bear the increase in costs, if any, over the normal mode of construction of communication or electrical lines and facilities, as determined by the telephone or electric company.
(Ord. 1970-232.  Passed 9-15-71; Ord. 98-114. Passed 9-1-98.)