The included design standards are intended as a guide to sound land planning, are for typical development conditions and are meant to supplement the standards provided in Chapter 1248.  In all instances where the standards outlined in this chapter are more restrictive than the standards set forth in Chapter 1248, the standards set forth in this chapter shall apply.  Conversely, if the standards set forth in Chapter 1248 are more restrictive, then they shall apply.  Should there be unusual topographic or property problems, these standards may be modified to greater or lesser conformity at the discretion of the Planning Commission.  In general, every subdivision shall conform to the requirements and purposes of the Master Plan or any part thereof, as adopted by the Planning Commission, the Zoning Code and other ordinances of the City of North Royalton.
(Ord. 1970-232.  Passed 9-15-71; Ord. 98-114. Passed 9-1-98.)