Before any plan submitted to the Planning Commission for sketch plan approval may be considered, notice of the time and place of the meeting for consideration of the sketch plan shall be mailed to affected property owners (owners of property contiguous to the property in question and across the street therefrom or within 500 feet thereof, whichever is most inclusive) as they appear in the current records of the County Auditor, and such notice shall be mailed fifteen days prior to such meeting. In lieu of such mailing of notices, the Planning Commission may, by majority vote of the members, order that such notices of the meeting be published once a week for two successive weeks prior thereto in two newspapers of general circulation within the City. In addition, such notices shall be posted on the posting board established by Council.
(Ord. 95-30. Passed 3-21-95; Ord. 98-114. Passed 9-1-98.)