If the Building Commissioner finds that any private driveway or road which has heretofore been constructed in, across or through any public drainage ditch, drain, open storm sewer or natural watercourse within the limits of any public highway has been constructed or is being maintained in such a manner that it is causing or is likely to cause obstruction, blocking or diversion of water flowing therein, he or she shall have the same authority as is conferred upon him or her in Section 1024.02(b) to order the owner or occupant of the land upon which such private driveway or road is located to repair or reconstruct the same, in such manner as will remove such obstruction, blocking or diversion of water. If his or her orders in such respect are not complied with within a reasonable time after written notice of them has been given to the owner or occupant, he or she shall report such failure to comply to Council.
(Ord. 1630. Passed 4-5-50.)