(a)   The escort service shall provide to each patron a written contract and receipt of payment for services. The contract shall clearly state the type of services to be performed, the length of time such services shall be performed, the total amount of money such services shall cost the patron, and any special terms or conditions relating to the service to be performed.
   (b)   The escort service shall maintain an open office at the licensed location.  The address of that office shall be included in all patron contracts and published advertisements. Private rooms or booths where the patron may meet with the escort shall not be provided at the open office or at any other location by the escort service.
   (c)   The escort service, in terms of licensing consequences, is responsible and liable for the acts of all its employees and subcontractors including but not limited to, telephone receptionists and escorts who are referred by that service while the escort is with the patron.
(Ord. 99-102. Passed 6-15-99.)