(a)   Any permit issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire upon any of the following conditions:
      (1)   Discontinuance of the permit holder's business;
      (2)   Removal of a permitted amusement device from the business premises, which is not replaced by another such device of similar size; or
      (3)   Transfer or sale of the business to another person.
   (b)   All permits issued pursuant to this chapter are subject to suspension or revocation by the Building Commissioner upon the following conditions:
      (1)   Willful misrepresentation by the permit holder or his or her agent in the application for the permit;
      (2)   Conviction of the permit holder for any felony or misdemeanor involving force, violence, disorderly conduct, moral turpitude or gambling, or involving any violation of this chapter, other provisions of this Business Regulation and Taxation Code or other laws of the City and the State pertaining to business operation; or
      (3)   The existence of a nuisance within the premises or immediately outside (which shall mean a reasonable distance from the establishment) to customers, other businesses or the public, stemming from the operation of amusement devices on the permit holder's premises. "Nuisance," for purposes of this paragraph, includes a violation of any provision of these Codified Ordinances or the Ohio Revised Code involving force, violence, disorderly conduct, moral turpitude or gambling.
   (c)   Prior to any action suspending or revoking any permit, the Building Commissioner shall give the permit holder written notice of such action, affording an opportunity to the permit holder, which opportunity shall be not less than fifteen days except in cases of emergency, to correct any deficiency forming the basis for the suspension or revocation. However, this shall not apply to any determination by the Building Commissioner of nonrenewal of a permit.
(Ord. 1982-75. Passed 6-2-82.)