(a)   The number of devices permitted in any business establishment shall be limited to one for every forty square feet of floor area for the area designated or being used for the game room.
   (b)   Amusement devices shall be located on a business premise in such a manner so as not to impair ingress or egress to the premises or so as not to interfere with the necessary or customary circulation of customers and employees.
   (c)   To control proliferation of establishments specifically set up as game rooms with amusement devices, one such facility will be permitted for every 5,000 persons in the community and only within General Business Districts.
   (d)   No license shall be granted to an amusement device arcade that will conduct business at a location that is within 500 feet from the boundaries of a parcel of real estate have situated on it a school, daycare center, public library, church, playground, athletic or sporting field, or any establishment that has been issued a liquor permit by the State of Ohio.
   (e)   The location must further comply with all zoning regulations of the North Royalton Codified Ordinances.
(Ord. 1982-75. Passed 6-2-82; Ord. 10-112.  Passed 10-5-10.)