Permit fees for fire protection equipment for one and two-family dwellings, multi-family dwellings and commercial and industrial developments shall be as follows:
   (a)   An application for fire protection equipment in all new construction must be filled out and proper plans submitted before a permit is issued.
   (b)   The following schedule of permit fees is hereby established:
(1)   Removal of flammable liquid tanks
$25.00 each tank
(2)   Ceremonial bon fire
(3)   UST system installation
$75.00 per tank
(4)   Repair and upgrading of tanks 
$50.00 per tank
(5)   Piping new, upgrading and repair 
$50.00 per location
(6)   Leak detection upgrade
$25.00 per location
(7)   Tents or air supported structures over 900 sq. feet
$25.00 each
   * Permits acquired through the Fire Official
   (c)   The fee for re-inspection of any above items due to improper operation or installation shall be:  $40.00
   (d)   All persons installing any fire protection equipment must be properly registered contractors and must possess State certification.
(Ord. 99-62. Passed 4-20-99; Ord. 2000-86. Passed 5-1-00; Ord. 01-60. Passed 6-19-01)