(a)   The annual fee for mailing of meeting notices as set forth in Section 212.04(d), in addition to requester providing self addressed stamped envelopes, is $20.00.
   (b)   The fee for telephone notification of special or emergency public meetings, as set forth in Section 212.04(e) is ten dollars ($10.00) per each notification, paid in advance.
   (c)   Fee for special assessment search, $10.00.
   (d)   The fee for a check payable to the City that is returned by the payee’s bank unpaid is $20.00.
   (e)   All City invoices remaining unpaid after thirty days shall bear interest at a rate of one percent per month or fraction thereof.
   (f)   Agricultural District applications, $320.00 per application*.
*(multiple parcels listed on the same application shall be considered one application)
(Ord. 97-177. Passed 10-7-97; Ord. 2000-114.  Passed 6-20-00; Ord. 03-112.  Passed 9-16-03; Ord. 16-160.  Passed 11-15-16.)