(a)   There are hereby established the following fees for copies of public documents and services to be rendered the general public, at the specific request of the general public, whether such request is made by a person, firm or corporation:
      (1)   Zoning, plat, parcel maps                  $0.75 per copy   
      (2)   Zoning Code books                     $40.00 each
      (3)   Public Documents (including, but not
         limited to minutes, ordinances, resolutions,
         departmental reports, memos, etc).            $.05 per page
      (4)   Codified Ordinances books                  $100.00 each
      (5)   Charter booklets                        $4.00 each
      (6)   Police Department photographs:
         Polaroid                              $1.25 each
         35 mm 4x6                           $0.50 each
         Computer disk                        $0.25 each
      (7)   Police traffic and criminal records checks.      $1.00
      (8)   Audio Cassette Recording                  $1.00 each
      (9)   Video Cassette Recording                  $2.55 each
      (10)   Compact Disc Recording                  $1.00 each
   (b)   Whenever a request is received that involves the cost of material, the subject of which is not detailed in this section, the appropriate charge for the same shall be determined by the Director of Legislative Services and/or the Director of Finance until such time as the particular fee pertaining to the requested item or service can be established by legislation.
   (c)   Postage/shipping fees at the current federal or private rate, and any other associated shipping costs (boxes, mailing tubes, etc.) will be charged for any public document delivered via U.S. Mail or private postal service.  Requestor may provide a self addressed stamped envelope if desired.
   (d)   Payment for all documents shall be made in advance, including those copies requested to be delivered via fax.  In the discretion of the Department Director who is responsible for production of public records responsive to any such request, requests for a large volume of records may be outsourced to a copy vendor.  The cost of said copy vendor service shall be paid in full by the applicant seeking such public records.
(Ord. 2000-90.  Passed 6-6-00; Ord. 2000-114.  Passed 6-20-00; Ord. 01-46. Passed 4-3-01; Ord. 02-13. Passed 2-19-02; Ord. 06-37.  passed 3-7-06.)