Immediately upon the sale or transfer of a licensed motor vehicle, the vendor of such vehicle shall remove the license tag or sticker from the motor vehicle so sold or transferred, and the license so issued for such motor vehicle shall cease to apply to such motor vehicle from such date, and the purchaser or transferee thereof shall apply to the city clerk for a new license. Upon a showing to the city clerk that such tag or sticker has been removed from such sold or transferred vehicle, the city clerk may issue a new tag bearing a new number which shall apply to and be assigned to any other vehicle of the same class owned by such vendor or transferor.
No tag or sticker issued for or assigned to any motor vehicle shall ever be used for or attached to or upon another and different motor vehicle.
The fee for new truck license tag or sticker shall be as provided in section 6-1-5 of this chapter; provided, that if the newly acquired vehicle is of a class requiring the payment of a license fee higher than that which was paid for the license originally for the vehicle disposed of, the fee required to be paid for the new tag shall be a sum equal to the difference between the fee paid for the original license and the fee fixed for the license of the class of the newly acquired vehicle plus the required transfer fee of fifty cents ($0.50). (Ord. O-52-95, 10-2-1995)