A.   Generally: Effective June 30, 1997, the license fee for commercial trucks and buses to be paid every year to the city clerk shall be as follows:
Commercial trucks, expire 6/30
B plate
$ 50.00 for 1 year
D plate
80.00 for 1 year
F plate
100.00 for 1 year
All plates over F
150.00 for 1 year
   B.   Late Fee: The fee for commercial truck stickers not purchased prior to August 15, as otherwise required, shall be the cost of the license fee plus fifty percent (50%) of said license fee according to the plate type.
Notwithstanding the waiver of said fees, a late fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be imposed upon all persons that apply for the license after March 15 of the valid license period. (Ord. O-52-95, 10-2-1995)