3-2-1: Municipal Retailers' Occupation Tax
3-2-1-1:    Home Rule Municipal Retailers' And Service Occupation Tax
3-2-2: Municipal Service Occupation Tax
3-2-3: Municipal Use Tax
3-2-4: Municipal Utility Tax
3-2-4-1:    Municipal Utility Tax Relief
3-2-4-2:    Municipal Utility Tax Exemption For Affected Political Subdivisions
3-2-4-3:    Municipal Electric Utility Tax
3-2-5: Municipal Leasing Occupation Tax
3-2-6: Amusements Tax
3-2-7: Hotel/Motel Operator's Occupation Tax
3-2-8: Foreign Fire Insurance Brokers
3-2-9: Tax On Places For Eating (Rep. by Ord. O-02-2013, 2-11-2013)
3-2-10: Municipal Gas Use Tax
3-2-11: Parking Lot And Garage Occupation Tax
3-2-12:    Public Right Of Way License Fee
3-2-13:    Municipal Cannabis Retailers’ Occupation Tax