A.   Refuse Containers:
      1.   Specifications: The standard refuse container required by this Code shall be a receptacle of not less than twenty (20) gallons' capacity or constructed of impervious and sturdy material, with a tight-fitting cover and equipped with handles properly placed to facilitate handling.
      2.   Use Required: All refuse which is placed for collection service outside any building or structure must be kept in standard refuse containers unless another type of container is approved by the Director of Public Services due to the unusual nature of the refuse produced by the business. (Ord. 0-62-89, 12-18-89; amd. Ord. 0-06-94, 3-7-94)
   B.   Refuse Removal Required:
      1.   It shall be the duty of the occupant of every building, structure or premises used or maintained in connection with any business or occupation to cause to be removed at his own cost and expense, at least once each week, all refuse produced therein.
      2.   Every person owning or controlling any hotel, restaurant, cafe, retail food establishment or other business or occupation, where more than thirty two (32) gallons of refuse is normally produced weekly shall cause all substances deposited in such containers to be removed as often as shall be necessary, including daily removal from his premises, to ensure the healthful environment surrounding such establishment. Such removal shall be at his own expense. (Ord. 0-62-89, 12-18-89)



1. See also Section 4-3A-2 of this Code.