A.   Separate License Or Permit For Each Location: No license or permit for the operation of a business, establishment or activity in the Municipality shall be construed to permit its operation in more than one location in the Municipality; a separate license or permit shall be required for each location. For the purpose of this Code, the existence of a single location shall be evidenced by the fact that all buildings containing the principal or accessory uses:
      1.   Shall be connected or shall be located on the same lot or parcel,
      2.   Shall be operated and managed by the same person or owner, and
      3.   Shall be an establishment with the same classification.
   B.   Separate License Or Permit For Each Business: Unless otherwise provided in this Code, each individual business or commercial activity within the Municipality shall be required to obtain only one license but shall be required to comply with all applicable regulations contained in this Chapter or elsewhere. The license fee required to be paid by an individual business which is subject to two (2) or more licenses in this Chapter shall be the largest of those applicable. A business shall be considered to be individual only if it is owned by identical persons or entities, is contained within one single building and conducts activities which are closely related. (Ord. 0-62-89, 12-18-89)