No person, group of persons for profit or not-for-profit organizations whether for pay, other compensation or for free promotional purposes, shall conduct or allow any event involving contests between animals or persons using animals in any form or manner except those events reviewed and approved for the safety, well-being and comfort of the animals involved by the Noblesville Police Department. If approved, such approval shall be granted within twenty-four (24) hours of the request for approval and shall be in writing. If denied, a denial must specifically set out the reasons therefor. The written response shall be delivered to the party making such request in a manner determined to give actual notice of the decisions of the Police Chief or their designee. The provisions of this section do no preempt the licensure requirements set out in §§ 119.01, 119.02 and 119.03, which must be met independent of the requirements of this chapter.
(Ord. 09-02-21, passed 2-23-21)