Food and Beverage Tax
   121.01   Imposition of tax; application
   121.02   Tax to be imposed in same manner as state gross retail tax
   121.03   Food and Beverage Tax Fund
   121.04   Council may repeal tax ordinance; termination
Entertainment Facility Admissions Tax
   121.15   Imposition of tax
   121.16   Events to which tax does not apply
   121.17   Ticket Tax Fund
   121.18   Remittance of taxes; forms; payment and collection of tax
   121.19   Effective date; termination
Municipal Wheel Tax
   121.30   Definitions
   121.31   Imposition and rate of wheel tax
   121.32   Noblesville Wheel Tax Fund
   121.33   Estimate of anticipated surtax revenues
Motor Vehicle License Excise Surtax
   121.45   Definitions
   121.46   Imposition and rate of surtax
   121.47   Noblesville Surtax Fund
   121.48   Estimate of anticipated surtax revenues