(A)   Any motor vehicle found by the Building Inspector or Chief of Police to be junked or abandoned shall be removed to a place of storage, after giving the notice required by § 91.076, and held for a period of 30 days to provide an opportunity for the owner thereof or his or her agent to claim the same as provided; provided, however, no junked or abandoned motor vehicle on private property may be removed without the written request of the owner, lessee or occupant of the premises unless the Building Inspector has declared it to be a health or safety hazard.
   (B)   If a vehicle is removed at the request of an owner of private property upon which the vehicle is located, the person requesting such removal shall post a bond in cash, secured by a sufficient real property lien, or issued by a company licensed in the state to write such bonds in an amount to be determined by the Building Inspector to indemnify the town against any loss, expense or liability incurred because of the removal, storage or sale thereof.
   (C)   Junked or abandoned vehicles shall not include any vehicle in an enclosed building nor any vehicle on the premises of a business enterprise being operated in a lawful manner and place if the vehicle is necessary to the operation of the business, nor to any vehicle in an appropriate storage place or depository maintained in a lawful place and manner by the town.
(1991 Code, § 11-111)  (Ord. passed 8-19-1986)