(A)   If the names and mailing addresses of the owners of the vehicle can be ascertained in the exercise of reasonable diligence, a notice of intent to remove the vehicle and assess the charges therefor shall be mailed by first-class mail at least ten days before removal occurs. The person who mails the notice shall retain a written record to show the name and address to which mailed, and the date mailed. If such name and address cannot be ascertained, notice shall be given by affixing written notice on the windshield or some other conspicuous place on the vehicle not less than seven days before towing actually occurs.
   (B)   A junked or abandoned vehicle may be removed without giving the minimum ten or seven days’ prior notice only in those circumstances where the Town Building Inspector or Chief of Police finds, and enters such findings in appropriate records, a special need for prompt action because the vehicle impedes the flow of traffic or otherwise jeopardize the public welfare so that immediate towing is necessary.
(1991 Code, § 11-112)  (Ord. passed 8-19-1986)