(A)   The following rules and regulations are adopted for the operation of golf carts. Low speed vehicles shall be operated under the North Carolina DMV regulations for licensed motor vehicles.
   (B)   Golf carts may only be operated on public streets or property owned or leased by the town within the corporate limits of the town in accordance with the following rules and regulations.
      (1)   A motor vehicle license issued by a state agency shall be required to operate a golf cart on a public street, road or highway.
      (2)   Golf carts may be driven on public streets, roads and highways within the town and on property owned or leased by the town only if equipped with:
         (a)   Headlamps;
         (b)   Front and rear turn signal lamps;
         (c)   Tail lamps;
         (d)   Stop lamps;
         (e)   Reflex reflectors: one red on each side as far to the rear as practicable, and one red on the rear;
         (f)   An exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side of the vehicle and either an exterior mirror mounted on the passenger’s side of the vehicle or an interior mirror;
         (g)   A parking brake;
         (h)   A windshield; and
         (i)   A Type 1 or Type 2 seat belt assembly installed at each seating position.
      (3)   Golf carts are permitted to be operated only on streets with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less.
      (4)   Golf cart operators must adhere to all traffic regulations and requirements applicable to the road or street being traveled and must yield the right-of-way to approaching vehicles.
      (5)   Golf carts are not permitted to travel on sidewalks.
      (6)   All occupants shall be in a seated position on an installed seat while the cart is in motion.
      (7)   All persons operating golf carts must be observant of, and attentive to the safety of themselves and others, including their passengers, other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. The Town Police Department has the authority to revoke the registration of any cart owner or operator for violations of the terms of this subchapter.
      (8)   Golf carts shall be parked in the same manner and place as designated parking for other motor vehicles. Stopping, standing or parking carts in places and in a manner not allowed for vehicle parking or so as to impede the flow of traffic, pedestrian walkways or passageways are prohibited. Parking in reserved handicapped locations requires the appropriate handicap placard or sticker.
      (9)   Golf carts shall not be used for commercial purposes such as, but not limited to, taxicabs, buses or hauling freight.
      (10)   Golf carts shall not be used for the towing of another cart, wagon, skateboard or a person on roller skates, bicycle and the like.
      (11)   Before a golf cart can operate on town public streets or property owned or leased by the town, the cart owner must apply for and display a valid registration sticker issued by the Town Police Department. The sticker must be renewed annually.
      (12)   Before a registration sticker can be issued, the cart must meet the requirements set forth in this section, and the applicant must provide proof of insurance as required by G.S. § 20-279.21, and maintain such insurance while the cart is in operation in the town and must be registered with the Town Police Department.
      (13)   No open containers of alcoholic beverages are permitted on a golf cart while on a public street, road or highway or on property owned or leased by the town.
(Ord. passed 11-8-2012)  Penalty, see § 72.99