Zoning permits shall be issued in accordance with the following provisions:
   A.   ZONING PERMIT REQUIRED: No public or private building or other  structure shall be erected, moved, added to, structurally altered or changed from one (1) permitted use to another, nor shall any grading take place on any lot or parcel of ground without a permit issued by the Zoning Administrator. No zoning permit shall be issued except in conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance, except after written orders from the Board of Adjustment.
   B.   APPLICATION FOR ZONING PERMITS: All applications for zoning permits shall be accompanied by:
      1.   A completed application form provided by the Zoning Administrator.
      2.   The required fee for a zoning permit as provided for in SECTION 19.0 of this Ordinance.
      3.   A development plan, if required by this Ordinance; or
      4.   A plot plan in triplicate drawing at a scale of not less than one (1) inch to one hundred (100) feet showing the following information as required by this Ordinance.
         (a)   The location of every existing and proposed building with number of floors and gross floor area, the use or uses to be contained therein, the number of structures including dimensions and height, and the number, size, and type of dwelling units.
         (b)   All property lines, shape, and dimensions of the lot to be built upon.
         (c)   Lot width at minimum building setback line.
         (d)   Minimum front and rear yard depths and side yard widths.
         (e)   Existing topography with a maximum of two foot (2') contour intervals. Where existing ground is on a slope of less than two (2) percent, either one (1) foot contours or spot elevations not more than fifty (50) feet apart shall be required.
         (f)   The proposed finished grade of the development area shown by contours with intervals not larger than two (2) feet supplemented where necessary by spot elevations.
         (g)   Total lot area in square feet.
         (h)   Location and dimensions of all curb cuts, driving aisles, off street parking and loading and/or unloading spaces including number of spaces, angle of stalls, and illumination facilities.
         (i)   Layout, type of surfacing, cross sections, and drainage plans for all off street parking facilities.
         (j)   A drainage plan of the lot area including provisions for the adequate control of erosion and sedimentation, indicating the proposed temporary and permanent control practices and measures which will be implemented during all phases of clearing, grading, and construction.
         (k)   All sidewalks, malls, and open spaces.
         (l)   Location, type and height of all walls, fences, and screen plantings.
         (m)   Location, size, height, class, and orientation of all signs.
         (n)   Location of all existing and proposed streets including right of way and pavement widths.
         (o)   All existing and proposed water and sanitary sewer facilities, indicating all pipe sizes, types, and grades.
         (p)   And such other information as may be required by the Zoning Administrator to determine conformance with and provide for enforcement of this Ordinance and State Statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
   C.   ISSUANCE OF ZONING PERMIT: The Zoning Administrator shall either approve or disapprove the application (when required by this Ordinance (e.g., Development Plan submitted required) Planning and Zoning Commission or its duly authorized representative, approval or disapproval shall also be required). If disapproved, two (2) copies of the submitted plans shall be returned to the applicant marked "Disapproved" and shall indicate the reasons for such disapproval thereon. Such disapproval shall be attested by the Zoning Administrator's signature. The other copy, similarly marked, shall be retained by the Zoning Administrator.  If approved, two (2) copies of the submitted plans shall be returned to the applicant marked "Approved". Such approval shall be attested by the Zoning Administrator's signature. The other copy similarly marked, shall be retained by the Zoning Administrator shall also issue a zoning permit to the applicant at this time and shall retain a duplicate copy for his records.
   D.   FAILURE TO COMPLY: Failure to obtain a zoning permit shall be a violation of this Ordinance and punishable under SECTION 16.9 of this Ordinance.
   E.   EXPIRATION OF ZONING PERMIT: If a building permit, as required herein, has not been obtained within ninety (90) consecutive calendar days from the date of issuance of the zoning permit, said zoning permit shall expire and be canceled by the Zoning Administrator and a building permit shall not be obtainable until a new zoning permit has been obtained.