(a)   Filling Generally; Filing for Portion of Larger Subdivision.  Upon completion of all improvements required by this chapter, the subdivider shall file with the Commission the final or record plat of the subdivision for final approval, as set forth in subsection (b) of this section.  The final or record plat of any portion of a larger subdivision, the preliminary plat of which has been tentatively approved by the Commission, may be submitted for the approval of the Commission.
   (b)   Number of Copies; Certificate of Title, Etc.  The subdivider shall file with the Commission six black line or blue prints or photostatic copies of the final or record plat, which shall conform in every respect with the requirements specified in Section 1301.09 .  These shall be accompanied by a certificate of title, showing the ownership of all lands to be dedicated to the public and that the title thereof is free and unencumbered.
   (c)   Approval by City Engineer and/or Department Heads.  A copy of the final or record plat thus filed will be transmitted to the City Engineer and/or Department Heads, who will check the final plat.  If found satisfactory, they will return such plat to the Commission, together with a two-fold certificate, showing (1) that the technical details of the plat itself have been checked and found satisfactory and (2) that all required improvements have been satisfactorily completed, in case these are to be completed by the subdivider, instead of furnishing a surety bond as permitted under Section 1301.06 (b)(3).
   (d)   Review by State Agencies.  Where a preliminary plat is subject to review by any State agency, the final plat will also be submitted to such agency.
   (e)   Final Approval by Commission.  Upon approval of the final plat by State agencies concerned, or after twenty days from the date of submission of the plat to such agencies, and after a copy of the final plat, together with the aforementioned two-fold certificate, has been received by the Commission from the City Engineer and/or Department heads, and provided that the final plat is found to conform with the preliminary plat as tentatively approved, the Commission will approve the final plat and will enter such approval thereon, in writing, by its chairman and secretary.
   (f)   City Council Acceptance.  Upon such approval, the Commission will transmit the final plat, together with all certificates and notations required by law, to the City Council.  The Council shall approve, partially approve or reject the plat.  Acceptance of the plat by the Council shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the public of the dedication of any street or other proposed public way or space shown on such plat. 
(11-4-85, §3.)