(a)   The subdivider shall prepare a preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision, which shall conform with the requirements set forth in Section 1301.07, and shall file with the commission an application in writing for the tentative approval of such plat, accompanied by six Black line or photostatic copies, at least two weeks prior to the meeting of the commission at which action is desired.
   (b)   The preliminary plat will be checked by the Commission as to its conformity with the thoroughfare plan and the principles, standards and requirements hereinafter set forth, and copies of such preliminary plat will be referred for recommendations or other action as follows:
      (1)   City Engineer and/or Department Heads.  The preliminary plat will be referred to the City Engineer and/or Department Heads for checking of matters within their jurisdiction and approval of the improvements proposed to be installed.
      (2)   Tentative approval or disapproval.  Upon receipt of recommendations or other action concerning matters covered in subsection (b)(1) of this section, the Commission will tentatively approve or disapprove the preliminary plat, or approve it with modifications, noting thereon any changes that will be required.  Such tentative approval shall be given only after a hearing, which shall be held within thirty days from the date such plat is filed with the Commission.  One copy of the plat will be returned to the subdivider with the date of such tentative approval or disapproval endorsed thereon.  Similar copes also will be transmitted to the City Engineer and/or Department Heads.  The tentative approval of the preliminary plat by the Commission is to be considered only as an approval of the layout with the understanding that the City Engineer, or other officials having jurisdiction, may modify any engineering or construction details proposed by the subdivider, whenever required for the protection of the public interest.
      (3)   Permits for construction or surety bond.  Upon tentative approval, which is effective for six months unless extended by the Commission, the subdivider may secure from the appropriate authorities the necessary permits to proceed with the required street and sanitary improvements, or may post with the Commission a surety bond running to the City, sufficient to cover the full cost of such improvements as estimated by the officials having jurisdiction, to assure the satisfactory performance of such improvements at a time fixed by the Commission and in accordance with its regulations. 
(11-4-85, §3.)