The preliminary plat of the proposed subdivision, consisting of six black line or blue line prints, or photostatic copies, prepared by a registered professional engineer or surveyor, shall accompany an application in writing to the commission for the tentative approval of the subdivision, and shall include the following:
   (a)   Vicinity Sketch.  A vicinity sketch at a scale of four hundred feet or more to the inch shall be drawn on or shall accompany the preliminary plat.  This shall show all existing subdivisions and the street and tract lines or acreage parcels of land, together with the names of record owners of such parcels immediately adjoining the proposed subdivision and between it and the nearest existing highways or thoroughfares.  It shall also show the streets and alleys in neighboring subdivisions or unplatted property involved in producing the most advantageous development of the entire neighborhood.
   (b)   Scale.  The horizontal scale of the preliminary plat shall be one hundred feet or less to the inch, and the vertical scale of street and sewer profiles shall be twenty feet or less to the inch.
   (c)   Existing and proposed features and other information.  The preliminary plat shall clearly show the following features and information:
      (1)   Name.  The proposed name of the subdivision, which shall not duplicate or closely approximate the name of any other subdivision in the county.
      (2)   Tract designation.  The tract designation according to real estate records of the Recorder of the County.
      (3)   Owners of record, etc.  The names and addresses of the owners of record, the subdivider and the engineer or surveyor.
      (4)   Abutting subdivisions and property owners.  The names of adjacent subdivisions and the names of record owners of adjacent parcels of unplatted land.
      (5)   Boundary lines.  The boundary lines, accurate in scale, of the tract to be subdivided.
      (6)   Streets and other features.  The location, widths and names of all existing or platted streets or other public ways within or adjacent to the tract, and other important features such as existing permanent buildings, large trees, watercourses, railroad lines, corporation lines, district lines, etc.
      (7)   Existing utilities.  Existing sewers, water mains, culverts, gas mains and other underground structures with the tract and immediately adjacent thereto, with pipe sizes and grades indicated.  All existing power lines, telephone lines, TV cables, etc., above grade as to elevation, supports, location and size, and number of same.
      (8)   Topography.  Contours normally with intervals of two feet, referenced to U.S.G.S. datum, as required by the Commission.
      (9)   Proposed design, layout, street names, etc. The layout, names and widths of proposed streets, alleys and easements; the location and approximate sizes of catch basins, culverts and other drainage structures; the layout, numbers and approximate dimensions of proposed lots.  Proposed street names shall not duplicate or closely approximate any existing street names in the county, except extensions of existing streets.
      (10)   Zoning information.  Zoning boundary lines, if any, proposed uses of property and proposed front yard setback lines.
      (11)   Parcels intended for public uses.  All parcels of land intended to be dedicated or temporarily reserved for public use, or to be reserved in the deeds for the common use of property owners in the subdivision, with the purpose, conditions or limitations of such reservation indicated.
      (12)   North point, etc.  North point, scale, date and title.
      (13)   Deed restrictions.  Copies of any private restrictions to be included in the deeds should be attached to the preliminary plat.
   (d)   Construction Plans.  Construction plants, as required under Article 1313, shall be furnished with the preliminary plat.
      (11-4-85, § 4.)