§ 50.12  STORAGE.
   In addition to all other requirements:
   (A)   All solid wastes, while awaiting collection, shall be stored in such a manner that they do not constitute a fire, health, or safety hazard or provide food or harborage for rats, vermin or other pests, and shall be contained or bundled so as not to result in spillage.  All solid waste containing food wastes shall be securely stored in covered or closed containers which are non-absorbent, leak proof, durable, easily cleanable, if reusable, and designed for safe handling.  Containers shall be of an adequate size and in sufficient numbers to contain all food wastes, rubbish, and ashes that a residence or other establishment generates in the period of time between collections.  Containers shall be maintained in a clean condition so that they do not constitute a nuisance, and to retard the harborage, feeding and breeding of rats, vermin, and other pests.  When serviced, storage containers shall be emptied completely of all solid waste.
   (B)   Storage of bulky wastes while awaiting collection shall include, but is not limited to removing all doors from large household appliances and covering the item(s) to reduce the problems of an attractive nuisance, and the accumulation of solid waste and water in and around the bulky item(s).
   (C)   All storage of commercial solid wastes and containers shall be regulated pursuant to § 152.184.
   (D)   No owner or person in possession or in charge of any premises located within the municipality shall maintain or permit the storage thereon of any solid wastes except while awaiting the next regular periodic collection and then only in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, nor shall such owner or person fail to provide for the collection of solid wastes as provided by this chapter.
   (E)   Improper storage as described in this section shall constitute a public nuisance as regulated in Chapter 96.
(Ord. 2001-14, passed 6-5-01)