(A)   Billings. All storm water service bills shall be rendered on a monthly basis, along with the customer’s charges for other city utility services.
   (B)   Terms of payment. The storm water service charges prescribed in §§ 53.05 and 53.06 of this chapter shall be billed monthly and shall be due and payable on the first day of the month following the date of billing. All bills for storm water services not paid within 15 days from the due date shall be deemed delinquent and be subject to a collection or deferred payment charge of 10% on outstanding balance per month, or portion thereof, together with attorney fees and costs of collection.
   (C)   Payment priority. Partial payments made on combined bills of the storm water utility and the city’s water and sewer utility shall be applied first to satisfy water utility fees, second to wastewater utility fees, and third to storm water utility fees.
   (D)   Added charge. Any storm water service charge not paid when due may be added to a charge, pursuant to I.C. 8-1.5-5-7(c), to the semi-annual property tax statement of the affected property customer.
   (E)   Collection. In addition to any other remedies provided by law, delinquent storm water service charges may be collected in a civil action along with other delinquent utility charges, reasonable attorney fees and court costs.
   (F)   Credit balances. Overpayments made on combined bills of the Storm Water Utility and the city Water and Sewer Utility shall be applied first to the Water Utility fees, second to Wastewater Utility fees, and third to Storm Water Utility fees.
(Prior Code, § 54.07) (Ord. G-04-02, passed 4-27-2004; Ord. G-05-03, passed 4-26-2005; Ord. G-11-06, passed 9-27-2011; Ord. G-21-05, passed 3-2-2021)