(A)   For the purposes stated in §§ 53.02 and 53.05 of this chapter, there is hereby assessed a storm water service charge to each customer in an amount as determined below.
   (B)   For any such real estate which contributes directly or indirectly to the storm water system of the city, such charge shall be based upon the quantity of impervious area situated thereon.
   (C)   All real estate having impervious area within the city will be assigned an equivalent residential unit (ERU), or a multiple thereof, with all properties having impervious area assigned at least one ERU and no more than 29 ERUs.
      (1)   Residential real estate. A monthly flat rate charge for storm water service rendered to residential properties shall be charged to each account within the city limits according to the service address. Each separate parcel of residential real estate shall be assigned one ERU.
      (2)   Non-residential real estate. Each parcel of non-residential real estate shall be assigned an ERU multiple based upon the parcel’s individually measured impervious area (in square feet) divided by 2,534 square feet (one ERU). This division will be calculated to the first decimal place.
      (3)   Only whole ERUs shall be used. All rounding necessary to reach the appropriate whole ERU shall be done according to mathematical convention (0-0.4 rounded down to nearest whole ERU; 0.5-0.9 rounded up to nearest whole ERU).
   (D)   There shall be no exceptions or exemptions from the assignment of gross storm water ERUs, except for roadways owned and operated by a public entity.
(Prior Code, § 54.06) (Ord. G-04-02, passed 4-27-2004; Ord. G-05-03, passed 4-26-2005)