(A)   The storm water residential service rate shall be $5.35 per home per month.
   (B)   The storm water non-residential rate shall be $8.89 per ERU per month, not to exceed $257.81 per month, the equivalent of the rate for 29 ERUs.
   (C)   This storm water rate is designed to recover the cost of rendering storm water service to the users of the storm water system, and shall be the basis for assessment of the city’s storm water service charge. This rate is established so as to maintain adequate fund reserves to provide for reasonably expected variations in the cost of providing services, as well as variations in the demand for services.
   (D)   This rate shall be evaluated and may be adjusted by the Common Council bi-annually, or more often as necessary, with regard to its sufficiency to satisfy the needs of the DSM.
(Prior Code, § 54.05) (Ord. G-04-02, passed 4-27-2004)