Bicycles and Skateboards
373.01   Compliance; code application  to bicycles.
373.02   Obedience to traffic rules; exceptions.
373.03   Riding upon seats; number of persons.
373.04   Attaching bicycle or sled to vehicle.
373.05   Riding on roadways and bicycle paths.
373.06   Carrying articles.
373.07   Lights and reflector on bicycle; brakes.
373.08   Reckless operation; control,  course and speed.
373.09   Bicycle helmets for children.
373.10   Skateboards.
373.11   Electric bicycles.
373.99   Penalty.
See sectional histories for similar State law
Authority to regulate bicycle operation - see W. Va. Code 17C-2-8(a)(8)
Bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.03
Moped equipment and operation - see TRAF. 345.29