(A)   A prohibited vehicle, within the meaning of this code, is any vehicle that has either a declared or actual gross vehicle weight in excess of 11,000 pounds, except, the following shall not be deemed prohibited vehicles:
      (1)   A police vehicle;
      (2)   A fire vehicle;
      (3)   Other public safety vehicles;
      (4)   A school bus or other vehicle with a municipal plate;
      (5)   A vehicle bearing a farm license plate issued by the Indiana Department of Transportation to a farmer for carriage of such farmer’s own goods or crops, but only with respect to such vehicle while operating on Old State Road 662 within the corporate limits of the town and that part of Jennings Street from its interface with Old State Road 662 to the western town limit;
      (6)   A vehicle making a local delivery within the corporate limits of the town;
      (7)   A vehicle leaving or returning to its usual and customary garage or place of storage if such is within the corporate limits of the town;
      (8)   Any vehicle authorized by state statutes or federal law to use the town’s streets in disregard of this code; or
      (9)   Any vehicle operating under a permit from the town.
   (B)   No prohibited vehicle shall be operated on the streets of the town. Appropriate signage shall be erected regarding the weight limit in effect in the town.
(1991 Code, § 72.06) (Ord. 1997-28, passed 12-10-1997; Ord. 1998-5, passed 5-13-1998) Penalty, see § 72.99