§ 152.10  ENFORCEMENT.
   (A)   The Zoning Administrator may post a stop-work order if:
      (1)   Any land disturbing or land developing activity regulated under this chapter is being undertaken without a permit;
      (2)   The control plan is not being implemented in a good faith manner; or
      (3)   The conditions of the permit are not being met.
   (B)   If the permittee does not cease the activity or comply with the control plan or permit conditions within ten days, the Zoning Administrator may revoke the permit.
   (C)   If the landowner or land user, where no permit has been issued, does not cease the activity within ten days, the Zoning Administrator may request the Village Attorney to obtain a cease and desist order.
   (D)   The Zoning Administrator or the Board of Zoning Appeals may retract the stop-work order or the revocation.
   (E)   Ten day s after posting a stop-work order, the Zoning Administrator may issue  a notice of intent o the permittee, landowner, or land user of the Zoning Administrator’s intent to perform work necessary to comply with this chapter.  The Zoning Administrator may go on land and commence the work after 14 days from issuing the notice of intent.  The costs of the work performed by the Zoning Administrator, plus interest at the rate authorized by the Zoning Administrator as provided in § 36.04, shall be billed to the permittee or the landowner.  In the event a permittee or landowner fails to pay the amount due, the Village Administrator/Clerk shall enter the amount due on the tax role and collect as a special assessment against the property pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 66.60(16).
   (F)   Compliance with the provisions of this chapter may also be enforced by injunction.
(Prior Code, § 22.10) (Ord. 03-2019, passed 2-14-2019)