(A)   General requirements. No landowner or land user may commence a land disturbance or land development activity subject to this chapter without receiving prior approval of a control plan for the site and a permit from the Zoning Administrator.  At least one landowner or land user controlling or using the site and desiring to undertake a land disturbing or land developing activity subject to this chapter shall submit an application for a permit ad a control plan and pay an application fee as provided in § 36.04 to the Village Administrator/Clerk.  BY submitting an application, the applicant is authorizing the Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector to enter the site to obtain information required for the review of the control plan.
   (B)   Content of the control plan for land disturbing activities covering more than one acre.
      (1)   Existing site map. A map of existing site conditions on a scale of at least one inch equals 20 feet showing the site and immediately adjacent areas. The Zoning Administrator may approve adjustment of scale on very large parcels.
         (a)   Site boundaries and adjacent lands which accurately identify site location;
         (b)   Lakes, streams, wetlands, channels, ditches, and other watercourses on and immediately adjacent to the site. The Zoning Administrator may identify sensitive local waters and areas that may need to be further addressed by the control plan;
         (c)   One hundred-year floodplain, flood fringes, and floodways;
         (d)   Location of the predominant soil types;
         (e)   Vegetative cover;
         (f)   Location and dimensions of stormwater drainage systems and natural drainage patterns on and immediately adjacent to the site;
         (g)   Location and dimensions of utilities, structures, roads, highways, and paving; and
         (h)   Site topography at a contour interval not to exceed one foot. The Zoning Administrator may approve other contour intervals for particular site conditions as may be appropriate.
      (2)   Plan of final site conditions. A plan of final site conditions on the same scale as the existing site map showing the site changes; and
      (3)   Site construction plan. A site construction plan, including:
         (a)   Locations and dimensions of all proposed land disturbing activities;
         (b)   Locations and dimensions of all temporary soil or dirt stockpiles;
         (c)   Locations and dimensions of all construction site management control measures necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter;
         (d)   Schedule of anticipated starting and completion date of each land disturbing or land development activity, including the installation of construction site control measures needed to meet the requirements of this chapter; and
         (e)   Provisions for maintenance of the construction site control measures during construction.
   (C)   Content of control plan statement for land disturbing activities covering less than one acre, but meeting the applicability requirements stated in § 152.07(A). An erosion control statement (with simple map) shall be submitted to briefly describe the site and erosion controls (including the site development schedule) that will be used to meet the requirements of this chapter.
   (D)   Review of control plan. Within 45 days of receipt of the application, control plan (or control plan statement), and fee, the Zoning Administrator shall review the application and control plan to determine if the requirements of this chapter are met. The Zoning Administrator shall approve the plan, inform the applicant, and issue a permit. If the conditions are not met, the Zoning Administrator shall inform the applicant in writing and may either require needed information or disapprove the plan. Within 30 days of receipt of needed information, the Zoning Administrator shall again determine if the plan meets the requirements of this chapter. If the plan is disapproved, the Zoning Administrator shall inform the applicant, in writing, of the reasons for disapproval.
   (E)   Permits.
      (1)   Duration. Permits shall be valid for a period of 180 days or the length of the building permit or other construction authorizations, whichever is longer, from the date of issuance. The Zoning Administrator may extend the period one or more times for up to an additional 180 days. The Zoning Administrator may require additional control measures as a condition of the extension if they are necessary to meet the requirements of this chapter.
      (2)   Surety bond. As a condition of approval and issuance of the permit, the Zoning Administrator may require the applicant to deposit a surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit to guarantee a good faith execution of the approved control plan and any permit conditions.
      (3)   Permit conditions. All permits shall require the permittee to:
         (a)   Notify the Zoning Administrator within 48 hours of commencing any land disturbing activity;
         (b)   Notify the Zoning Administrator of completion of any control measures within 14 days after their installation;
         (c)   Obtain permission, in writing, from the Zoning Administrator prior to modifying the control plan;
         (d)   Install all control measures as identified in the approved control plan;
         (e)   Maintain all road drainage systems, stormwater drainage systems, control measures, and other facilities identified in the control plan;
         (f)   Repair any situation or erosion damage to adjoining surfaces and drainageways resulting from land developing or disturbing activities;
         (g)   Inspect the construction control measures after each rain of one-half inch or more and at least once each week and make needed repairs;
         (h)   Allow the Zoning Administrator to enter the site for the purpose of inspecting compliance with the control plan or for performing any work necessary to bring the site into compliance with the control plan; and
         (i)   Keep a copy of the control plan on the site.
(Prior Code, § 22.08) (Ord. 03-2019, passed 2-14-2019)