(A)   In order to carry out the provisions of §§ 93.01 et seq., there is hereby established an Airport Safety Area surrounding the Newberry Airport which includes all of the terrain and airspace within a 3-mile radius of the centerpoint of the airport. If specific sectors for safe and efficient air navigation are established for the airport by the Federal Aviation Administration, South Carolina Division of Aeronautics, or the county officials, then those sectors, after adoption by the County Council, become the dimensions of the Airport Safety Area.
   (B)   Within the Airport Safety Area, no structure shall be erected, altered, or maintained, and no vegetation shall be allowed to grow to a height so as to create a hazard to air navigation, as established by federal, state, or county guidelines.
   (C)   Within the Airport Safety Area, it is unlawful to engage in activities that are hazards to air navigation and incompatible with efficient airport operations, such as, but not limited to, the following:
      (1)   Creating electrical interference with navigational signals or radio communication between the airport and aircraft;
      (2)   Diminish the ability of pilots to distinguish between airport lights and other lights;
      (3)   Result in glare in the eyes of pilots using the airport;
      (4)   Impair visibility in the vicinity of the airport;
      (5)   Create the potential for bird strike hazards; or
      (6)   Otherwise in any way endanger or interfere with the landing, takeoff, or maneuvering of aircraft intending to use the airport.
(Ord. 150, passed 12-8-1994) Penalty, see § 93.99